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Dental Hygiene


Dental Hygiene

Scale & Polish

One of the treatments that you may be offered is a scale and polish. This helps to remove plaque and bacteria that can build up over time. We will also show you techniques to help reduce the amount of plaque build up, which will help to reduce the risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

We use water and an Ultrasonic cleaner around your gums and teeth to remove plaque. We then use a special paste to polish your teeth to help remove stains, leaving your teeth feeling clean and fresh!

Gum Disease

This can be a condition where the gums become red, sore, swollen or bleeding when brushing. This can be very common, as many of us will experience gum disease in our lives. 

The first stage of Gum Disease is Gingivitis, this causes redness of the gums which bleed when brushed. This can also be the cause of bad breath however if treated Gum Disease can be reversible. If untreated the bone support and gums surround the teeth become weaker which can eventually lead to irreversible bone loss, loss tooth and eventually tooth loss. With treatment, we can reverse early stages of gum disease or prevent the infection spreading further, helping you to keep your teeth pain and infection free, and giving you a healthy smile again.

Dental Airflow Treatments

Airflow removes plaque, soft debris and discolouration which is commonly caused by drinking tea, coffee, red wine, smoking as well as certain medication. Dental Airflow is kind and gentle to teeth and gums, after having this done you’ll notice a brighter, fresher smile!


Dental Airflow is an effective polishing technique that we can offer you here at St Mary’s Place Dental Practice in order to remove tooth staining, plaque and yellowing. This is done by using a machine that polishes and cleans your teeth using a gentle fine powder and compressed air. 

Denture Maintenance

Similar to your natural teeth, dentures need maintenance and attention to ensure that they are kept clean otherwise deposits can begin to build up over a period of time which can cause bad breath and gum disease. You should brush your denture and any remaining teeth, gums and tongue twice a day (morning and night) with a fluoride toothpaste to maintain your Dental Hygiene as well as the upkeep of your denture. 

You should always come in for your regular exams, where your dentures and mouth will be assessed.