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General Dentistry


General Dentistry

Is it time for your dental examination (checkup)?

A routine examination takes between 15 minutes to 30 min, and includes

a check of your teeth and gums, as well as areas around your face and

neck. All of our examinations also include an oral cancer screening.

If X-rays are required, these are normally done during the same appointment.

The examination will include an in-depth consultation about any findings

and treatment options available to you.

Even for those who don’t have any teeth, a regular check of your gums

is essential to maintaining a healthy mouth.

Looking for an Emergency Dentist?

If you’re experiencing dental pain or know that you need emergency dental care, please get in touch as soon as possilbe. We aim to see you at the earliest possible appointment, normally within 24 hours.

Some examples of an emergency include; severe tooth ache, swelling, cracked tooth, repair of lost or loose fillings or dentures, sore gum relief, or broken / damaged braces.

If you have swelling affecting your breathing, swallowing, vision, have trauma that has caused you to lose consciousness or uncontrollable and rapid bleeding from your mouth, please call an ambulance without delay.

Children's Dentistry

We want children to enjoy their visit to the dentist. We may spend time with our younger patients getting them used to the environment.

We will help educate them on the importance of a healthy diet and good oral hygiene.

We offer a range of treatments for children.

Worried about Oral Cancer?

We offer an oral cancer screening with every routine dental check up.

If you have any concerns, book in to see one our dentists immediately, who can assess and sometimes refer you to your local hospital for a second opinion.

Dental Fillings

A filling is used to repair damaged teeth, which may be due decay or fractures. Tooth decay often causes small or large cavities that trap food and cause further decay and can also cause pain.

Your dentist will assess your tooth and together you will decide on a silver or white filling. 

Suffering from Sensitive Teeth?

Some of us may suffer with sensitive teeth, which can be intermittent, or linger for long periods at a time and be very uncomfortable. This can be particularly worse during the colder months, or when having hot or cold foods.

Please don’t delay in having this looked at, often a simple filling will resolve it.

Sometimes the sensitivity can be a sign of decay, a cracked tooth, receding gums or damaged enamel.

It may also be a sign that you are brushing too hard, and have exposed the yellow dentine underneath which can be sensitive.

If this causes concern or you are suffering from pain, then book in to see us. 


One way of replacing teeth is to use a denture.

We use a number of types of dentures, to help to give you your smile and bite back!

Denture are designed to mimic the look of your original teeth and gums, and can give you a natural smile.

The denture can be taken out for cleaning, or at night time.

Your dentist will discuss the types of dentures and will help you find the best on for you.

Jaw Problems

Jaw problems may be caused by a number of reasons. If you are having problems with the way you bite, or have a painful or clicking jaw, please come and see us.

Other related problems can include headaches or worn teeth due to excessive grinding.

If you feel you may be grinding your teeth, you may also be suffering with neck and shoulder pain. If we can offer a mouth guard, and some jaw exercises to help relax your muscles.